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$12.95 additional for State.
One of highest rated last year. Tops the list from IRS this year.  Menu driven.  Very User friendly.
$19.95 additional for State.
Highly rated last year and this. Very accurate.  Menu driven. Not as user friendly as Tax Act.
$9.95 additional for State.
Highly rated by IRS.  Menu driven.  

 Tax Cut Free Software
$24.95 additional for State.
They were one of the first to offer on line programming.  Also on IRS approved list.
 Complete Tax
$9.95 for State.
On IRS approved list.
PLEASE DO NOT USE TURBO TAX. WHILE THE LARGEST, IT IS ONE OF THE WORST ON THE MARKET IN MY OPINION! Four states refused Turbo Tax in 2012. Read the Forbes article below.
The IRS provides free tax fillable tax forms for all taxpayers now.  They have contracted with various providers and, based on your responses to various questions, connect you with one of the providers your responses match to.  Their site has only recently come up and I would personally wait until February 15th to file my taxes. The IRS  just completed a form for the Net Investment Income Tax on January 31st.  It affects people with rental properties and those getting a lot of dividend income and interest---from stocks and bonds and personal retirement and annuity plans.  There are 16 items that are still on the table for people that Congress will be voting on shortly. These are items that expired and, if not renewed, means people will be paying more taxes.  If these credits are extended, it means new or revised forms for the taxpayer to complete.


This site tells you that now there are fourteen companies offering free file.  If you press the link, it goes to their web page.  This year you can free file electronically if you make over $58,000. If you make under $58,000, it is an interview and menu driven form.   You just answer questions and it fills the information in on the form.

Because it is so new, there is no information on whether it is interview and menu driven of if you need to know what forms you need to complete.   

State Of Oklahoma Free File Link

The State of Oklahoma has fillable forms for free.  They also provide instructions.  For most people, once the federal is done, the state is pretty much a copy and past function.  You can pick and choose what form or forms you need from the link above.