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Verifying Credentials

This section lists links to confirm your Oklahoma CPA is licensed and has a permit to practice from the Oklahoma Accountancy Board.  It can be used to verify the licensure of ANY CPA in the State of Oklahoma.  You can also view any complaints made against your CPA.  The Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants indicates your CPA is a member in good standing and actively participates in continuing education.   

In 2010, the IRS mandated that all paid tax preparers must obtain a Provider Taxpayer Identification Number.  It normally takes five years for the Justice Department to prosecute unlicensed and unregistered preparers.  In January, 2013, the Courts struck down the requirement that all providers must be bound by a set of ethics and that minimum standards in continuing education be taken each year.  They did uphold the PTIN requirement.  

This section provides documentation for verifying I actually do have my PTIN,  a requirement for any paid tax preparer to legally prepare your return.  

Important information every taxpayer should know is also included in this area.